Partially Clips

Partially Clips (first strip) (lower bandwidth version of archive) (gag a day, punny, adult (vulgar)) is a pure non-continuity strip that’s deeply vulgar and quite funny. It’s currently weekly, although updated more frequently in the past. Online since October 2001, there’s … I don’t know how many strips in the archive, since the numbering system is all screwed up. No characters carry over from strip to strip, so the gags are always completely new and you don’t need any previous explanations from strips that came before. There’s also very few references to things you’d need to know to get a laugh (although there are a few).

The concept: take a piece of clip art. Copy and paste it for two more panels, making no changes to it (if it is required for the gag, occasionally it is allowed to change the shading or add a line or two). Add dialogue. Post the comic. You might think that this sounds boring, but you underestimate the situations that clip art can be interpreted into. This sort of strip lives or dies by the writing, and the writing is often excellent. There are quite a few Partially Clips comics that have multiple punchlines per strip, all of them solid. Some of these strips you could’ve finished halfway through the strip and I would’ve accepted that as humorous and a standard webcomic, but no, Partially Clips kicks it up a notch, and it makes me laugh doing it. Not all of them are winners, admittedly, and there’ll likely be several strips that fall flat, there’s several in there that made me laugh.

Partially Clips also beats out Something Positive for vulgarity. Not all the strips are vulgar, just like not all the strips are hit jokes, but there’s a fairly high density of both. Regardless of the misses, I’ve got to say, Partially Clips has the quite possibly best Norse god sex pun ever. The strips in Partially Clips tend to focus on the theme of taking something about the picture and giving it a background that isn’t generally considered appropriate, and then joking about it. There’s also mockery of people being stupid, and often a shock joke (a joke that is funny by being shocking or inappropriate). Occasionally there’s a reference to something cultural, such as wikipedia, but they’re all mainstream references, so there shouldn’t be too many problems on that part.

Also done by the same guy as Partially Clips is Erfworld (first strip), which is on the Order of the Stick host page. As OotS is to roleplaying games, Erfworld is to war simulation games. The writing’s snappy, the world is interesting, and the main character is thoroughly screwed and trying to fix things. If you liked OotS and you like Partially Clips, odds are very good you’ll like Erfworld.

If you don’t mind vulgarity and are interested in a funny, non-continuity comic, you should go give Partially Clips a try.

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