Disregard last news post

As has been pretty obvious the last few weeks, I clearly don’t have the time to devote to this site that I would’ve hoped I would. Between my sister getting married, various crunch times at work, and looking for interviews for new work because my contract’s running up, I’m swamped.

I still have reviews I want to write, and I hope I will get to them, but this site’s update schedule is hereby “sporadic”. The archives are still going to stay up (as long as I can convince my friend to continue hosting them), so feel free to click through and find some comics you might enjoy. I’m going to put on a bit more draconic comment posting restrictions to chase off some of the spammers that have caught on to the blog’s existence, unfortunately, but please feel free to comment, it just might be a little while until it’s visible on the site.

Sorry to all my readers. Life wins again.

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2 Responses to “Disregard last news post”

  1. Albatros Says:

    Don’t be sorry, you have done a great job, and i’m still not finished reading through the archives of the comics I picked up from you. It doesn’t matter so much how often you post to me since my rss reader picks them up and give me a quality review of a comic ;)
    Thanks yet again.

  2. Jason Says:

    Damn it, I hate it when life wins. Anyway, good luck on all your life-related issues and such.

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